Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

FSF wants 20 away ticket cap

Emirates Stadium: City fans asked to pay £62

Called the 'Score Campaign', the scheme comes days after the furore caused by upwards of 900 tickets being returned by Manchester City fans, who refused to pay 62 to watch their team at Arsenal.

Speaking on behalf of the FSF, deputy chair Martin O'Hara said: "Those who follow their team away are the distilled essence of the football fan - the hardcore. Without away fans the atmosphere at games dies and football loses a large part of what makes it so special.

"Travelling supporters spend the most time and money on their team and that deserves recognition and reward. In the short term clubs might make a few extra quid by squeezing away fans dry but long-term vision is required.

"Away attendances are in decline and something must be done by the clubs before that becomes terminal. Who wants to go to games without away fans, games without passion?

"We believe that an away ticket price cap of 20 would make football more affordable and halt the d ecline in away fan attendances. The Score Campaign aims to make this a reality."

The FSF say one of their recent surveys revealed that nine out of 10 fans feel ticket prices are currently too high.

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